Sequoia Warner

Jun 212013

It’s All About the Prep Work!

The prep work in trim and doors  is so extensive. These areas require sanding, we will either hand sand all of the base trim, or we will power sand with and orbital sander. On doors we use a six inch disk..

This takes off the shiny finish that’s currently on the door surface and dulls it out.  That’s very important; if you paint over a shiny surface you will get poor adhesion. In order to get good adhesion you have to dull the surface down. This is the only first step.

Matt demonstrates some of the prep work installing new baseboards in this video:


Then wipe everything down with a tack cloth, which is a gooey, sticky rag that catches all of the micro dust that’s in all the cracks. We get that piece of wood, that trim or door totally free of dust.

The next step is to apply the caulk. The joints where the trim meets the wall has a little gap. We seal this with caulk so that its a seamless transition from wall to trim. Those seamless transitions make for a better paint job.

It’s is not something you would notice if you don’t have a trained eye. But if we don’t caulk you will notice the crack, you will notice gaps. When you install a piece of wood on the wall, a lot of times the wood is wavy, leaving bigger gaps here and smaller gaps there. The caulk makes the job look seamless.

Caulk is a painters best friend. It makes the finished paint job look cleaner. And part of what I pride myself on in our paint jobs is our cleanliness. When the jobs done it looks clean.

The next step includes priming over all the wood, so now we have our base coat.

Finally we’re going to apply one or two top coats of paint, as needed.

So when it comes to planning your paint job remember that in the estimate, a full repaint will reflect the cost of trim and doors. You can plan your budget on addition or subtraction of the trim and doors.

Jan 032013

Matt Inherited An Entrepreneurial Attitude

Matt Heck got his started in business as a teen mowing lawns for neighbors. He followed  the wise advise from his father, who encourage the young Matt to go out and find business, which resulted in Matt’s lawn care business.

“Matt, you can always make more money working for yourself than working for someone else.”

One day Matt was mowing a lawn and an older guy came up to him and asked, “Kid, do you want a job for the summer?” He turned out to be a project manager for Queen Anne Painting, who was looking to hire summer help, and the self employed teen looked like the perfect candidate. At a starting wage of $9 an hour convinced young Matt that, “Whoa, that’s some good money.”

And a new career was launched over the course of the next 2 summers of the junior and senior years of high school. After that Matt painted homes on his own during the summer breaks during college. After graduation in 2007, Heck Painting was officially launched with a contractor’s license, bonding and insurance, tools and a van completed the business set up.

Heck Painting

Heck Painting

Matt has always worked with a team, at the first house before starting college, Matt’s sister was his helper, in 2007 a friend from church joined the team and worked for 2 years. Now there are 5 painters, an administrator in the front office, the crews are supported by a carpenter and a drywall contractor. Newly added in 2013 is a trusted team of sub-contractors who fill in with the overflow work.  There is also

Seeking a vocation with eternal value, Matt chose Biblical Studies as a major in college; even though all his high school friends were going to traditional colleges. Upon graduation it was clear that he didn’t want to go into ministry as a pastor; though a lot of Matt’s friends from college had gone on to receive a pastoral license.

After questioning what he did want to pursue as a business, Matt decided to go into painting because that is what he knew how to do.

As with any business there have been stages of growth, and Heck Painting is currently in an exciting stage of expansion and growth.

Jan 032013

What is low VOC paint?

According the EPA:

VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects.

The solvents are emitted while the paint is drying; however over the course of the first year only 50% of paints VOC’s have been emitted.

Benjamin Moore Low VOC Paint

Benjamin Moore Low VOC Paint

In the past paints were made strictly from VOC because of its properties of strengthen the bonding aspect of the paint. Technological advances now make low VOC paints are commonly available and an affordable alternative. People with pre-existing conditions, pregnant and nursing women, small children and other sensitive people should consider requesting low VOC paint.

There is a further classification of paint that is entirely No VOC, but it is difficult to find. In the paint factory the can is filled 7/8th with the base. It’s at the paint store the colorants are added; these colorants are where the VOC are found.

the federal government caps the VOC content in paint at 250 grams per liter (g/l) for flat finishes and 380 g/l for other finishes (low-luster, semigloss, etc.). However, some manufacturers have opted to comply with more stringent limits—50 g/l for all finishes—set by California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District.

In the past low VOC paints rated poorly in tests. But recent tests low VOC paints have ranked very highly.