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One of the biggest advantages of having the interior of you home painted before the holidays is how fresh and clean your home will be. Because all your furniture is moved, including appliances in the kitchen, it’s the perfect opportunity to clear out all the dust bunnies, and perhaps some serious grease issues behind the stove. When the job is complete your home will feel new, clean and ready for guests.

But painting is a messy process; it drips, and it only takes one spot to ruin your carpet.

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Looking Good for the Holidays

To have your home looking its best takes an eye for detail, a steady hand and the confidence which years of practice builds. Our painters at Heck Painting have been selected especially for these qualities.

One year in order to save some money, Sandy decided to paint a business that she owned, how hard could it be?  She had been watching the Do It Yourself shows for years. The first wall was carefully taped, and the lovely plum shade was perfect for the day spa atmosphere. Sandy first ran into trouble at the cut line next to the trim, even with tape the paint was getting on the trim, or a very visible few millimeters of white still showed below the trim.

The next challenge came where to two shades met at the corner; the color bled together in a mess that grew worse that more she struggled to fix it. At 2 in the morning on Saturday, it became obvious that there wasn’t going to be enough paint. The store wasn’t going to be open until Monday, when the spa had to be open once again for business. On Monday some walls were well covered and others were quite blotchy, but there was no other choice, the furnishing had been moved back and the doors open for clients. The next few weekends were not available to finish the job and it was months before the job was ever completed.

I don’t know how many clients really noticed the poor paint job, certainly nobody said anything to Sandy. During that time, she started seeing all the places where the paint was too thin or sloppy and of course she knew the real reason the desk had been moved was to cover the paint that ended up on the carpet. Sandy didn’t even remember stepping in the paint, and surely there was enough plastic draped around, but after cleaning up a shoe print in the lovely new wall color was clearly visible on the new carpet.

After several months, Sandy called in professionals to do the job right and clean up the mess.

While the challenges of painting the home and a business are different the pressure of a deadline are the same. You certainly expect the job to be complete in time for your holiday entertaining.

With Heck Painting you can expect quality, professional treatment from the moment you first contact our customer service for your free estimate to the final walk through with the owner, Matt Heck. As a small company we are able to specialize in individual attention to detail. We also work hand in hand with a dedicated team of professional from interior design to plumbers and electrician. Isn’t it time to let the skilled experts at Heck Painting give your home the quality paint job you’ve been wanting, but have been too busy to get it done yourself?

We understand that having contractors in your home is challenging. In order to gain access to your walls, we are going to have to move things around, there will be plastic draping. But we are here to work around your needs.


You can count on us to complete the job in the time frame agreed upon in the estimate. And of course, we are bonded and insured, as an added protection to your home. We have been doing quality work in Seattle since 2007, and encourage you to check what other clients have experienced with our professional painters on

For a clean, fresh new look for the holidays, give us a call now at 206-240-0676, or request an estimate on our website: Request a Bid.

Your home will look its best just in time for entertaining.

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