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Rebecca West

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Rebecca West

Rebecca West


I’m an Interior Designer who specializes in transition design; for example people who are going through or have gone through a divorce; in the middle of empty nesting; overcome a big life change like getting fired and choosing career, and they need their environments shaped to that new chapter.

The way that I got into interior design at all is that’s exactly what happened to me. I got divorced and stayed in the house that I shared with my husband. After he was no longer in the house, everywhere I looked all I could still see was my past and our story. I needed some way of moving on from that, even though I wasn’t leaving from the house. I ended up changing all the paint colors. I sold a lot of the furniture on Craig’s List and bought ‘new to me’ furniture on Craig’s List. That way I was able to literally shift what I saw around me, which meant that I could take on a new start to my own life.

It was so transformative for me; I wanted to do it for other people. That’s why I started my own company.

When I started the company I didn’t intend to ever do a single remodel; my whole purpose was to help people use what they already had better; that’s called redesign. Just shifting around the furniture the already own, editing, shopping in their own house to move things around from room to room; and then helping them choose new wall colors.

It was the company itself and the clients who encouraged me, because they needed more than that from me; they wanted to remodel. So I took that on. My original intent was to only use what people had.

I’ve expanded the services I offered; so now I’m a full service design company, which means I can do everything from redesign through full kitchen remodel or full house remodel. What I don’t do is a move wall, that’s not my training. If we’re going to move walls and do a lot of structural work we need to work with a contractor or an architect who can help with the structural aspect. Now I cover everything from the walls in.

In terms from the focus of my company, my passion is still absolutely with those people in transition. Now I work with a lot of people are ready for a new kitchen, they don’t see themselves in a really big life transition moment and that’s just fine. What always stays important to me is that I’m working with people where it’s going to make a difference in their life. This is the home they share with their family, this is where their raising their kids, where their starting a business; the changes we make in their environment is going to have an impact on their life. That’s important to me, because otherwise I will burn out so fast; I don’t care about new sofas or the latest trend. I care about creating a home.

Rivolee Design celebrated the 5th anniversary last November. I’ve been in King County for 20 years. I moved here when I was 15, before that I grew up military so I was all over the place. My last stop was Kansas.

Now I’m about to embark on a whole new adventure, because I’m getting married in September. Life is never done; life is very organic. That’s why houses are so organic because they are of course where you live your life. New adventure, here it comes!

I love ballroom dance; before I was an interior designer I taught ballroom dance. That was great fun. I don’t get as much time now that I own my own business, but I still get to do it. We love colorful things like the Moisture Festival, Steampunk Festival or Circ du Soleil; colorful, vivacious, vibrant things – we’ll sign up for all of them. When we go we love to go in costume, it’s so much fun.

I love to get out in nature, and I have to get out and recharge. I’ll walk in a local park or up in the mountains; I don’t do it enough, but I love it. At home we have a very furry grey cat named Murray and pug named Spike.

One of the things that I am building right now is a series of Women’s Retreats around the life relaunch period. The team includes 2 Life Coaches, a Nutritionist, a Fitness Instructor, and a Financial Adviser. We are putting together 1 and 2 day workshops for women who are starting a great new chapter in their lives, like when the kids leave home. I will be doing a lot of speaking and promotion around these events. My part will be how your home can support this transition.

I want to keep my rates really affordable; I am currently on the low end of the scale. In order to keep my rates low I need to be able to increase my own capacity in other ways. That’s why I am starting to lead workshops, to speak to different groups on the importance of their environment, and create books so that people have resources.

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