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Ashely Schiavone EAMP/L.A.c, LMP

Ashely Schiavone

Other things that I see pretty frequently are insomnia, anxiety, digestive complaints. Acupuncture itself is a whole medicine; the list of things acupuncture treats is huge. That’s really because we look at the body as a whole complete system. Went you have too much of something or not enough of something it can throw the whole body off. Acupuncture can really address things like the common cold, seasonal allergies, to fertility issues, pain; it treats issues across the board.

Acupuncture is really fantastic; it gives patients a lot of empowerment to see how they can use Chinese Medicine in their lives. That’s one of my goals is educating and empowering, to give people alternatives that work and can really help improve the quality of their life.

I also have a massage therapy license, so I practice a few different manual techniques during the treatment. The treatments are usually always blended; whether it’s Cranial Sacral Therapy, or other techniques that work with the emotional components to pain. We tend to store memories and thoughts and stories in our cellular tissue; like the chemical composition of adrenaline or dopamine. Their attached to stories, whether it’s around a trauma from a car accident and a lot of muscle guarding, a lot of fear is still there, or something from childhood.

So there’s different ways to look at how we have pain in our body. Acupuncture is a really amazing medicine that you’re looking at the physical, but also the emotional and of course the energetic of it. There’s lots of different layers that you can address in a treatment.

I actually got my massage therapy license while I was in grad school. I have two master’s degrees; one in Acupuncture Science and on in medicine in Chinese Herbs. I have always blended the treatments together. I went to undergrad at the University of Michigan where I studied neuroscience and my grad program was at Bastyr University in Kenmore.

I have had my practice here in Ballard for over two years, I’m in an amazing place that’s and integrated health center called Kula Movement. We have yoga here, nutrition, a Naturopathic Doctor; it’s all about integrating health which means more eyes and a person’s case, more integration. What really will help them and what really will benefit them in the long term. So you’ve got ideal health care being with a team of people working with the individual. It’s about meeting the patient where their at and having lots of tools to choose from. Acupuncture is all about the individual’s story and their whole system, so it’s never about putting anyone into a box, but about taking them out of the box.

We do workshops; our last one was on menopause. A naturopathic physician, an nutritionist and myself. We teach ways to support the body through menopause with these three different medicines. And how to use them and pull out what you really resonate with, what is really fitting your lifestyle at this time.

We have a new workshops planned doing yoga and acupressure together and how you can utilize those two medicines. We’re doing another one on how a mother takes care of herself after pregnancy, after the birth. This class is all about rebuilding, nourishing, and restoring that mother’s body. Often times there’s not a lot of support after a woman has a baby. There’s a lot of things about that are about the baby, we really want to focus on giving that mother her energy back and setting her up of longevity.

Check about summertime workshops on website.

I’ve lived in the area for about 7 years, I came out from Michigan for graduate school and fell in love with it. My boyfriend and I love to get out and camp and hike, I got up with a snowboard a couple of years ago, we have been doing that, we’ve picked up white water kayaking which super fun and super intense. We actually just bought guitars to start teaching ourselves how to play and open a whole new world of music.

I absolutely love what I do, it’s amazing and every day I’m inspired by the patients and what this medicine can do. I’m really looking forward to just teaching more; giving people the information, it all comes back to empowering people and giving them the tools they need to keep going on with their lives and getting a richer quality of health and happiness. A lot of my focus is about empowering and inspiring people about how amazing this body is and how amazing health is. And utilizing tools, whether its acupuncture or you get tools from other types of medicine, there are so many modalities that are healing.

I met Matt when he came to my office which was really fantastic, he asked me a lot of great questions about acupuncture. I was really impress from the first time I met Matt, he is a man of integrity, he’s really honest and loyal. As I’ve got to know him more his integrity in business really evident. His focus is on putting the client first. I have seen him work with other profession business people, he is always learning and making sure that he is doing the best for his clients. It really comes across. It makes it easy to refer people to Matt, because you can trust him with your friends, family, your house.


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